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UV laser marking machine is a laser marking machine series of products.  The machine is with 355nm UV laser controller, adopting the third-order cavity frequency technology compared with infrared laser.  The UV light spotlight is very small, easier to get a great extent reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and the small impact of processing heat.  Because the above advantage, the UV laser was been mainly used for ultra-fine marking and sculpture area, especially for food, pharmaceutical packaging materials marking, playing microporous, high-speed glass material and silicon Chip wafers for complex graphics cutting applications.


 The good quality and small focus spotlight could achieve the ultra-fine marking with high speed and high efficiency.

 The heat affected area is very small, no thermal effects, no material scorching problem.  The heat affected area is very small, will not produce thermal effects, will not produce material scorching problem.  Pre-installed high-precision practical multi-functional work surface, the table has a number of flexible screw holes, convenient installation of special fixture platform.  In the design of the use of three-door closed processing, adpot high-quality special filter protection plexiglass production dedicated observation window, to create the ultimate machine protection performance.  The cooling system is water cooling, to ensure that the laser long life, stability, reliable work and other characteristics. Working environment requirement  Ambient temperature requirements at 18-35 ℃.  Humidity requirements <90%, no condensation, should be installed dehumidifier.  There should be no strong electromagnetic signal interference near the installation equipment. Install around to avoid the infinite transmission station.  Ground amplitude: less than 50um; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g. To avoid a large number of stamping and other machine tools in the vicinity.  Equipment space requirements to ensure that smoke-free dust, to avoid metal polishing and other dust serious work environment.  Air pressure: 86-106kpa, Some environments should be equipped with anti-static floor to enhance the shielding.  Work cooling water quality of the circulating water is strictly required to require the use of purified water, deionized water or distilled water, can not use tap water, mineral water and other high metal ions or other minerals.
Model  CK-U-3 UV  CK-U-5 UV
  Wavelength  355nm
  Marking power  ≥3W  ≥5W
  Beam quality M²  <1.2
  Beam diameter  1.8±0.1mm
  Laser working mode  Pluse
  Repetition rate  10~120KHZ
  Standard engraving range  110*110mm
  Optional engraving range  70*70mm,140*140mm,200*200mm
  Minimum line width  0.03mm
  Minimum character  0.1mm
  Repeat accuracy  ±0.02mm
  Electrical requirements  100~240V,50/60HZ
  Cooling method  water cooling
  Other features  Electric control box and laser head interconnection cable length of 2.5 meters
  Ambient temperature: 18~35℃
  Power consumption  1500W
  Standard accessories  Cabinet work table, size: 600 * 1130 * 1543mm Lifting range: 80-500mm
  Display, keyboard, mouse, pad
  Foot switch, laser control panel
  Optional accessories  Smoke purifier: beneficial to clean and beautify work space

◆ High-end electronic products LOGO
◆ Food, PVC / pharmaceutical packaging materials (HDPE, PO, PP, etc.) marking, playing microporous, pore size d ≤ 10μm.
◆ Flexible PCB board marking, scribe
◆ Metal or non-metallic coating removal
◆ Silicon wafer microporous, blind hole processing

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