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Green Laser Marker

Green laser marker, the wavelength is 532nm between infrared and UV, also belongs to semi-cold light source with low thermal effect.  It can be widely used for marking plastic bags for food and medicine, the advantage of green laser is no touchable feeling, no bubbles and no burning mark after marking, which cannot be realized by the infrared band laser marker, fiber laser marker even CO2 laser marker..

Product advantages

 The laser has a very narrow pulse width, with very high peak power, and can produce perfect marking on the workpiece with high speed.

 Green laser will harm our eyes, so adapting the closed cabinet to create the ultimate overall protection performance and more secure working environment.  The high quality of beam and stability output could make the marking effective turning easily.  Adapting modular design is convenient to assemble, disassemble, and move.  Provide precise lens correction, higher 1D/2D code read rate, more accurate meter count. The software is simple to operate and can be designed according to requirements. Supports multiple file formats.  A fan-cooled laser, low-power consumption, long life, maintenance-free.  Equipped with a high precision and practical multifunctional worktable which has a number of flexible screw holes and is convenient for customizing and installing special clamp platforms.
Model  CK-U-4 GN  CK-U-6 GN
  Laser wavelength  532nm±1nm
  Average power  4W  6W
  Peak power  5kW@40KHZ  7.5kW@40KHZ
  Power instability rate  <3%(6 hours)
  Pulse width  ≤20ns@40KHZ
  Repetitive fequency  1~500KHZ
  Beam-spot mode  TEM00
  Lens scope  110*110mm,optional 70*70mm,140*140mm,200*200mm
  Beam quality  0.01mm
  Beam diameter  6mm(built in beam expander)
  Indicator light  650nm@50mW
  Cooling method  air cooling
  Other features  the interconnection cable length is 2.5m between main enclosure and laser unit
  Operating temperature: 10~35℃
  Electrical requirement  AC220V/50HZ
  Standard accessories  Lifter workbench, Dimension: 1543*1130*600mm, Lifting range: 80~500mm
  Display, K/B, Mouse, Mouse pad
  Pedal switch, laser control panel
  Optional  Smoke purifier: conducive to clean and beautify work space

Mainly used in glass and crystal products on the surface and internal sculpture, such as: mobile phone screen, LCD screen, optical devices, and the glass of automobiles etc. At the same time, can be used for most metal and nonmetal materials surface processing and coating film processing. Such as: hardware, ceramics, glasses, watches, PC electronic devices, various types of instruments, PCB panels and control panels, nameplate panels, plastics and so on.

Green laser marking samples

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