E series fiber laser marker

E series fiber laser marker is a laser marker for high precision applications. It is customized according to the needs of customers, has strong expansibility and is convenient to integrate with automation equipment. It is mainly suitable for metal and some nonmetallic materials: nylon, ABS, PVC, PES, iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, silver, coating material, spraying materials, epoxy resin and so on.It is widely used in product marking, micro processing, drawing, carving, precision machinery, jewelry, sanitary ware, watches, plastic keys, electronic components, hardware tools, mobile communication tools, auto parts and other fields.

  Built-in PC, just to connect a display and keyboard to use, can save more space.
  5V and 24V can transform automatically, which can directly interface with PLC external signal interface to meet different needs.
  Convenient to control communication marking and import and export files through external USB, RS232, network interface.
  Provide high-precision lens correction to meet the requirements of high-precision marking environment.
  Using efficient silent fan cooling and safe power to ensure that the laser works stably for a long time.
  The functions of MarkingMate software board can be upgraded, can be suitable for a variety of different application needs.

Product Details

Automation laser marker

Product Advantages

Self-development and Production

  • Flexible customization, independent research and development control software board.
  • Self-production chassis and accessories, can be according to customer needs.
  • The shell is made of aluminum oxide, which is light and not rusty.

  Powerful and Stable

  • The most complete electrical interface satisfies 90% industrial and commercial applications.
  • Markingmate software is powerful, and can meet more than 90% needs of marking application.
  • Before leaving the factory, the board has gone through full-function burn-in test for 72 hours to ensure a long time stable marking.

  Professional Adjustment, Efficient Running

  • Optical path integrated design and precise tuning to ensure the max. effective laser power.
  • Precise measurement of the grid lens correction method to ensure that the marking position is accurate.
  • Positioning and focus guide indicators to make marking operation easy.

Software Features

  • Support 9 different kinds of language, and cab be customized different language by modified text file.
  • Support windows XP,Win8 and Win10 operation system, and will be upgraded with Microsoft system.
  • Provide a variety of drawing functions, such as point, line, arc, circle, rectangle, curve and so on.
  • Can be imported dwg, dxf, AI, plt, bmp, tif, cmp, clp, cur, eps, emf, fpx, ico, wmf, psd, png, jpg.
  • The auto-text source can be automatically added to the serial number, or read by the text file, and the system date.
  • 1D Barcode: Code39, Code128, EAN8, EAN13, UCC128,EAN128 and FIM. 2D Barcode:DataMatrix.
  • Provide vector tooling window for users to apply: Or, And, Subtract and so on.
  • Support precise lens correction method to ensure marking accuracy.
  Model  CK-U-20FB-E  CK-U-30FB-E  CK-U-20MFB-E  CK-U-30MFB-E
  Laser wavelength  1064±3nm
  Power  20W  30W  20W  30W
  Beam quality(m2)  <1.7 m2  <1.4 m2  <1.2 m2  <1.2 m2
  Frequency adjustable range  *  1~1000 KHZ
  Power adjustable range  10~100%  5~100%  0~100%  0~100%
  Fiber output length  1.9~3m  1.9~3m  1.9~3m  1.9~3m
  Polarization direction  Random
  Working temperature  0~40℃
  Cooling method  Air cooling
  Dimension  Laser head: 512*80*80mm
  Chassis: 494*376*218
  Laser head: 601*96*86mm
  Chassis: 494*376*218
  Weight  33kg  35kg
  Operation  Highly integrated computer, genuine WIN10 system, MarkingMate software
  High speed scan head (providing precision grid point correction file)
  I/O interface, rotary-axis / pedal switch interface, emergency stop lights, SHUTTER warning lights, etc
  External network interface to support remote control operation
  Optional Accessories  Light/heavy tablet lifter,lifting range: 90~555mm
  Light/heavy workbench lifter, lifting range:90~555m
  Pillar lifter, lifting range:810~1660mm
  Screen, keyboard, mouse, cushion
  Rotary axis: Concentricity: <0.05mm
  Smoke purify machine
  Optional functions  Visual positioning function, XY slide function, large picture splicing function

Marking Samples

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