Visual positioning laser marker

Are you still worry about how to accurately to positioning the target during the marking process? Are you still worry about how to install a visual camera? Are you still worry about the accuracy of visual positioning in different environments? The new side-axis visual positioning system has integrated the marking board, marking software, a visual camera, light source and mechanical fixing parts in one machine, with careful layout design, convenient installation, and tuning ensure high precision positioning. In the marking, as long as the target position can be clearly discriminated by the camera, the laser can accurately mark in the same position. After processing, you can immediately see the processing results through the camera. It is suitable for each field who has a precision positioning requirement for marking.

  Built-in PC, just to connect a display and keyboard to use, can save more space.
  5V and 24V can transform automatically, which can directly interface with PLC external signal interface to meet different needs.
  Convenient to control communication marking and import and export files through external USB, RS232, network interface.
  Provide high-precision lens correction to meet the requirements of high-precision marking environment.
  Using efficient silent fan cooling and safe power to ensure that the laser works stably for a long time.
  The functions of MarkingMate software board can be upgraded, can be suitable for a variety of different application needs.

Product Details

CVP laser marker

Product Advantages

Self-development and production

  • Flexible customization, independent research and development control software board.
  • Self-production chassis and accessories, can be according to customer needs.
  • The shell is made of aluminum oxide, which is light and not rusty.

Powerful and stable

  • The most complete electrical interface satisfies 90% industrial and commercial applications.
  • Markingmate software is powerful, and can meet more than 90% needs of marking application.
  • Support single and dual camera modes; Can be used for XY visual positioning platform .
  • Diverse positioning modes: single target on single object or multi-objects and double targets on single object.
  • Before leaving the factory, the board has gone through full-function burn-in test for 72 hours to ensure a long time stable marking.

Professional Adjustment, Efficient Running

  • Optical path integrated design and precise tuning to ensure the max. effective laser power.
  • Precise measurement of the grid lens correction method to ensure that the marking position is accurate.
  • Positioning and focus guide indicators to make marking operation easy.

Integrated Design For Fixed Parts

  • Easy adjustment, disassembly, maintenance, and wide application range.
  • Easy to fine tune the camera installation angle, and make sure the camera coordinates parallels to scan head coordinates.
  • Precision slider for XY direction: Ensure the smallest tilt of camera in installation, so as to positioning precision while adjust the focal length of the camera.
  • Symmetric adjustable lighting system: the best separation of the target and the background information, so as to improve the accuracy and reliability of the system.

Customized Linear Light Source

  • Composed of high brightness high density LED array and magnesium alloy shell; solve the positioning accuracy deviation under insufficient light harsh environment, and eliminating the need for customers to choose the source of all kinds of trouble.

Applicable Material & Industries

Fiber laser marking machine:Suitable for metal and part of non-metal materials: Nylon ABS, PVC,PES, iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, gold, silver, coating materials, spray materials, epoxy resin etc. Used in high-precision product identification, such as precision machinery, jewelry, sanitary ware, watches, glasses, plastic keys, electronic components, hardware tools, mobile components, auto parts.
CO2 laser marking machine:Suitable for non-metali materials: wood, paper, leather, cloth, glass, acrylic etc. Used in high-precision product identification, such as clothing accessories, leather, ceramics, gifts, furniture, shell, nameplate etc.

 Model Visual positioning laser marker
 Laser wavelength 355nm, 532nm, 1064nm, 10600nm
 Visual specification Camera pixels 500W px
 Light source wavelength 10~300mm
 Positioning scope 365~940mm
 Positioning accuracy 0.02~0.1mm
 Lighting system strip source Applied to the appearance inspection of large size products, the defect detection
  of LCD panel, product defect detection, connector flatness detection, etc
 Ring source Applied to PCB substrate detection, product label detection, IC component
  character and appearance detection, microscope and general appearance
  inspection, etc
 Backlight Applied to fuse, connector terminal height plane detection, liquid level and liquid
  impurity detection, product contour distance detection, etc
 Marking Features Marking software Need MarkingMate2.7A-2.7 or above
 Hi-speed scan head 110*110mm(optioanal 140*140mm,200*200mm), Comes with precision
  correction file(Max. support 29×29 grids)
 Electrical Requirements AC 220V±10%.50HZ.5Amp OR , Ac 110V±10%.50HZ.10Amp
 Unit Power <500W
 Operational Temp Range 5~40℃
 Dimension Laser head 601*96*86mm(Customized according to different lasers)
 Chassis 494*376*218mm(Customized according to different lasers)
 Optional Accessories Light/heavy tablet lifter,lifting range: 90~555mm
 Light/heavy workbench lifter, lifting range: 90~555mm
 Pillar lifter, lifting range:810~1660mm
 Smoke purify machine: Low noise, conducive to clean and beautiful work space,easy to move
 Rotation axis, holding range for internal jaws: 2~22mm, Open range: 25~70mm, holding range for external
  jaws: 22~63mm, Concentricity: 0.05mm
 Optional functions XY slide function, large picture splicing function

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