3D Marker

MM3D Laser Marker Module

MM-3D Marking kits

MM3D marking software has combined the third marking axis(focal shifter) control ability, which could help user marking on unregular curve surface. After user import the 3D model in STL format, MM3D will paste the drawed graphic on the model surface. At this time, user could put the working-piece on the proper marking position to complete matking task.

 Product Features
  • Support STL model.
  • Draw in 2D graphic.
  • Graphic Coated or projection mapping to curved surface.
  • Support import 3D DXF as marking path.
  • Built in several frequently used models.
  • Automated process control.
  • Support X,Y,or Z axis motion.
  • Modern handicraft processing.
  • Metal and non-metal surface processing.
  • Biotechnology and medical field.
  • Semiconductor and electronic field
3D Marking samples
 Technical Information
  Model   MM3D Laser Marker Module
  Product description   Product composition   MM3D markingmate software,3D scanner,scanning field lens,PMC2E or UMC4 card
  System operation   Windows
  Control card   PMC2E or UMC4
  Language   Standard Simplified Chinese Version, Upgradable to International Language Version
  Communication interface   PCIe or USB
  Laser type   FIBER or UV
  Appendix   Offer planer precision correction file and focal error correction file
  Product application   Marking of Surface, Slope   ●
  Marking of Sphere   ●
  Deep sculpture and cutting   ●
  Support STL 3D model   ●
  Extended function   Large picture splicing   Optional upgrade
  Tailor-made software development   Optional upgrade
  CCD Visual Marking   Optional upgrade
  Spiral drilling   Optional upgrade
 3D Scan Head Specifications
  Model  CK-DH-3D-10
  Aperture  10mm
  Marking speed  7000mm/s
  Dynamic z-axis speed  1400mm/s
  Repeatability  ≤22urad
  Tracking error time  0.22ms
  Gain error  <5mrad
  Operating temperature  10~40℃
  Wavelength  1064nm
  Digital communication  XY2-100
  Zoom range  54mm(Scan lens 150*150mm)
  Size  195*124.4*96.5mm
  Weight  2.6kg

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